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Linda Marie Pankow

Having grown up in a small town in Wisconsin, I was raised christian and had a value and belief system relating to that. I have since grown up, and although I still reside in that same small town in Wisconsin, I am far from innocent. Having been married and divorced, and married again, I have had plenty of life experience. I now have four kids of my own to raise as well as a few dogs. I didn't go out to be a writer it just sort of called to me, so here I am. I love writting books and when I get a spare moment in my busy life as a mother who homeschools and works outside of the home, I type. I just sit at my computer and type what comes to mind. 

I, for some strange reason, gravitate towards writing the erotic versions of romance. I know my family doesn't really approve but they still encourage me to follow my passions. My husband is very supportive of my writting and enjoys it as much as I do... When I started writing it was on an app where you can publish books for people to read, free. I knew nothing about any of this. Now that I have been writting for more than a year, not only has my grammar improved but my way of publishing and managing the buisness side of writing has also improved.

Anyway.. I am an open book feel free to message me on any platform and ask for any other information about me. (besides finacial, like I'm not stupid just honest)