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A Wild Love
The Tankow Clan 14
Published by Linda Marie Pankow, Linda Marie Pankow
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Price: $12.99


Jake met Hailey when he was fifteen and she was eight years old. He knows right away that there is a deeper bond than just their fathers being friends. He is happy to wait to pursue her until after her eighteenth birthday. One day he will run the gang that his father owns, so for now he is happy to keep learning how to handle it, and the side buisness that he will also be in charge of, the zoo. Jake and Hailey both make it their life goal to work with the cheetahs.

Ultimately, is Hailey chooses to date him or not is completely up to her, but he just knows she will say yes when she is old enough.

*Trigger warnings*
Age gap

*underlying themes*
struggling with masculinity

Paperback: Perfect Bound | 440 pages | $12.99 USD | 5*8 | 9798603996110 | February 12, 2021