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My Norse Lover

My Norse Lover

A Romance to Change History
The Tankow Clan 8
Published by Linda Marie Pankow, Linda Marie Pankow
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Price: $12.99


Elaina is anidentical twin from the year 2019. She heads to church one day with her cousin, Eveytte. They see a rainbow in the middle of a field, but not just any rainbow, it's spherical. Her and her cousin make thier way to the middle of the field, ready to explore this rainbow. When they do something magical happens.

Jorge is a Viking from the year 796. He and his friend are just minding thier own and doing as Vikings do in the 700's, when thier leader tells them to watch over some strange women they found in a small Irish town. Jorge, always glad to be on a special assignment, goes to the ship's basement to collect the women he was told about. One of the women catches his eye as he demands them to follow. What he finds out will change the history books, and the future as we konw it to be.

*Trigger warinings*

*Themes throughout*
Viking time period
Heavy Erotica

Paperback: Perfect Bound | 211 pages | $12.99 USD | 5*8 | 9798689101323 | October 21, 2020