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The 24 Men of Christmas

The 24 Men of Christmas

A Fantasy contest
Pankow's Holiday collection 1
Published by Linda Marie Pankow, Linda Marie Pankow
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When the best stripper group in Australia holds a contest to date twentyfour of their available men for the twentyfour days of Christmas, you can't help but enter in the contest. What happens when you win the contest? Will you be able to pick just one of the men? Or will they all stake a claim on you?
Day by day you are introduced to these men, dating each of them in turn. When you do finally get to experience them all, who will you choose?

*Trigger warnings*
borderline abuse

*Ongoing themes*
told in second person giving pov no gender or appearance bias

Paperback: Perfect Bound | 450 pages | $16.99 USD | 5*8 | 9798647255167 | June 16, 2020