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You Are My Life: A Love at first sight

You Are My Life: A Love at first sight

A love at first sight
The Tankow Clan 2
Published by Linda Marie Pankow, Linda Marie Pankow
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Perry grew up in a large family, when I say large I mean he has over thirty siblings. When he heads off for college he is trying to do something for himself, learn. He doesn't want to focus on the girls and the partying like so many kids do. He wants to learn he wants to reach his goals.

Marie grew up as an only child. She was the focus of her parents, no fighting for the spotlight. She had always wondered what it was like to have some siblings.

Both of them want to finish school and meet thier goals. Niether of them expect to find love when they make their way to campus on that first day. But is true love ever expected?

Paperback: Perfect Bound | 126 pages | $12.99 USD | 5*8 | 9781087941240 | January 11, 2021